Activities at Domaine in friendliness and relaxation ...

               1 - Secrets of wine:

Stay 3 days / 2 nights bed and breakfast , with introductory tasting of wines from the Rhone Valley.

Day 1 : You arrive at 4 p.m, you make yourself confortable in your suite. You can discover the vineyard , follow the marked trails ... The dinner is free.

Day 2 : We will prepare breakfast, then you can go hiking , biking , climbing in the Laces of Montmirail, visit museums around or relax . Lunch is free . From 18:00 to 20h , go for an introduction to wine tasting and CRUS Côtes du Rhône . An approach to scents and flavors of four to five representative wines. During the tasting you will be introduced to various methods of vinification .

Day 3 : We will prepare breakfast, you can enjoy walks and scenery Laces of Montmirail . The apartment must be returned before 12am. Guests can enjoy lunches and dinners in the house or in partner restaurants.

Conditions: reservation of 2 to 5 people in 2 comfort rooms . Including accommodation in a double room with breakfast , introduction to wine tasting , the prèt hiking maps and 3 bottles of wine from Domaine Beauvalcinte (for 2 people)

Dates: 02/01/2019 to 28/02/2019 and 01/10/2019 to 28/12/2019

Price: 115.00 EUR per person

          2 - Discovery of harvest:

 You will learn to recognize the varieties (seven on the property ) , cut the grapes, taste the berries to determine the dates of harvest, pressing and taste participate in the press juice of grape varietals. Ultimately, you will discover the secret of a good vintage!

Throughout the day , the winemaker answers any questions you never dared to ask about wine, fermentation , livestock, wine tasting, wine making equipment ...

The meal pickers close the morning.

Conditions : two days in September (dates to be determined) - from 9.30 to 16.00 - reservation , Price: 50 euros per person.


          3 - Introduction to wine tasting of Cotes du Rhone :

   We propose to introduce you to the wines of Côtes du Rhône developing your senses: Touch , Smell , Sight , Taste , Ear, and to finish the meeting of the five : Tasting !

In a pleasant we welcome you to a relaxing and sharing.

Conditions: all the year, group of 5 to 10 people , reservations , duration 2 hour ( 16 -18h) .

  Price: 15 euros per person (refundable individual to purchase a box of wine).


           4 - Appetizer Farmer :

     Tasting of estate wines (fruit juice for children) , with cold meats, tapenade, cheese , bread, in the form of tapas. Year-round by reservation. Price 8 euros / person .


          5 - Box " wine discovery " gift idea

 In the beautiful setting of the Laces of Montmirail, Discover the wines of the field through a unique tasting : Visit vineyards, virtual and tactile tasting, tasting and initiation of 4 wines.

Conditions: all year round, Monday through Saturday , by reservation. Duration 2 hrs

  Price: 30.00 EUR for 2 people to book your event , contact us ...


   Some information about the area :

  - New labels for our wines :

"Cuvée Les Trois Amours 2011," red BDV
cuvée " Fine Fleur " Red 2011
cuvée " Monts et Merveilles " 2011
Against the label of our wines you will see the QR code (which you can read the information on our website from your mobile phone)

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